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Our Proven S&P 500 E-mini Futures Day Trading Course




"The best foundational e-mini course I have ever seen!"
~ Keith Trent, Full Time Trader


4.50 / 5 Excellent rating
Combined rating of all clients who have purchased this course


Make the commitment to yourself and this course, and you will learn:

  • The psychology behind the Market and how to take advantage of it
  • Advanced divergence analysis techniques, that uncover only the true high probability set ups, before the moves are ever made
  • Where to GET IN and where to GET OUT of your trades using case studies that are presented in detail
  • Acquire the “Master Trader” trading technique to finally understand the flow between the end of day analysis, and real time analysis to trade profitably
  • How to become a TRAINED observer, then use it in real time to put on only the very BEST trades
  • Learn the real secret of how to correctly apply Fibonacci retracement levels, to forecast high probability price profit targets.  This is a POWERFUL technique when trading volatile markets
  • How to correctly interpret the Stochastics Momentum Indicator, as a forward/ key reversal indicator that allows you to capture key market turning points
  • How to create your own SUCCESSFUL TRADING environment by observing hidden negative influences, that can otherwise hinder you from really trading as an everyday professional
  • How Advanced Divergence Analysis clearly shows substantial pent up buying or selling pressure
  • Why the individual trader or investor has a DISTINCT ADVANTAGE over all other player's

"Jeff Kilian is a real life trader and educator who has the ability to communicate this information to traders at any level of experience. This is an outstanding course!"                             ~Larry Jacobs, Editor Traders World Magazine

"I give this course a full 5 stars!"
~ David Luinge, Full Time Trader
5/5 Excellent   rating


Full Price: $1,800.00

Discounted Price (11% Off): $1,600.00

Now Only $899.99

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This S&P 500 E-Mini Trading Course provides more than just a sold foundation to learn our Smart Money Trading Methodology™. You will follow a structured, learn-able and repeatable process, that will get you inside real time prices and identify where the largest institutions are trading, and  where you as the individual trader, can now trade in the same direction at the same time, to put real dollars in your trading account.

Trading just 3 hours a day, Inside Technician's are trained to consistently pull enough money out of the market, while maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The freedom to enjoy the best food, the best wine, or spend free time with friends and family without being glued to a computer screen all day, is one of the biggest benefits of our Smart Money Trading Methodology™.


This course is perfect for experienced Traders who finally want to:

  • Focus on profitable trading and eliminate the guess work and confusion
  • Be confident in knowing they're taking the best trades, and know how to mitigate real trading risk on every trade
  • Willing to make the commitment to themselves and their future, to trade profitably and the live the balanced life they truly want

The E-mini Elite Trader Training Course is comprised of 6 - 50 minute extremely comprehensive videos that are delivered to your email inbox. Once you download them to your hard drive, they are yours to keep for LIFE. The videos come in Windows Media format, that is compatible with ANY video viewing software.

The indicators you will learn, that are specifically selected to find, track and trade with the "Smart Money", can be easily transposed to most popular trading platforms including Ninja Trader, Metastock and Trade Station.

Recorded live to a sold-out audience who paid $1,800 EACH  to attend, Jeff Kilian reveals how anyone can finally trade and make money like a real professional does.


Order today and get the S&P 500 E-mini Trader Training Course delivered straight to your email inbox for immediate download.

Learn what other professional traders are calling:

"The pivotal moment in trading profitably"

Full Price: $1,800.00

Discounted Price (11% Off): $1,600.00

Now Only $899.99

4.50 / 5 Excellent rating
Combined rating of all clients who have purchased this course

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To ensure you are getting everything you need, we offer a live  60 minute weekly support webinar specifically for you, the student of the market who has become an Inside Technician.

Your live support webinars are held bi-weekly, Wednesday's at 4:30 pm EST to answer any questions you have. Support webinars are fully recorded and available to you within 24 hours to view on demand. This is your opportunity to learn what no one else will teach you.


"This course has the best support and continuing education!"
~ Monroe Robert, Full Time Trader