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Our Proven S&P 500 E-mini Futures Day Trading Course





  • Eliminate ALL guess work and confusion out of your trading
  • Remove the most common day trading mistakes
  • Be confident taking only the best trades
  • Cross the bridge to financial independence

Our S&P 500 E-Mini Trading course, reveals for the very first time how to learn to trade and make money like a real professional trader does.

It guarantees you to get inside real time prices to identify where the largest institutions are trading, and YOU the individual trader, to then trade in the same direction at the same time as they do.

This comprehensive course has become a structured, learn-able, and repeatable trading methodology developed by Jeff Kilian, Chief Market Strategist for the Inside Technician, and is the exact same methodology that he personally uses, to pull in $1,000′s out of the US markets every single day.

Jeff Kilian’s Smart Money Trading Methodology™ is delivered over to you in a fully transparent manner, where nothing is held back, and therefore nothing gets left to chance ever again.

This proven course was designed to fast track you to the advanced level in a fraction of the time.  We begin by training you how to analyze and determine the current trading state of the US Markets, in a clear simple and easy to understand way.

Now that you have determined the current state of the US Markets, not only will you predict future directional price movement, you will have learned to take that information and trade in the right direction at the right time, day trading this highly profitable market.  Mastering how to interpret only a handful of the most time proven indicators, you will trade with the “Smart Money” eliminating bad trades, knowing that you select and trade only the “true highly probability trades”.

This is exactly what a true professional does, and how you can consistently outperform the market averages by a wide margin.

This exceptional course is led directly by Jeff Kilian himself and is by far, the most comprehensive real life S&P 500 E-Mini Futures trading course anywhere on the web today. Available to you in Six, Fifty minute pre-recorded sessions, and delivered to your email inbox for instant download.  This course was administered and recorded before a world wide audience of actual S&P 500 E-mini day traders just like you.

“Jeff Kilian is a real life trader and educator who has the ability to communicate this information to traders at any level of experience. This is an outstanding course.”                             Larry Jacobs, Editor Traders World Magazine